English riskonomicsDr Jerzy Podlewski

Enterprise risk management expert and enthusiast. PhD in Economics. Vice President and Board Member of POLRISK Risk Management Association, a risk manager in European Federation of Risk Management Associations FERMA. Certified Risk Manager and certified Project Manager PRINCE2™. I have more than 20 years of professional experience icluding working as a manager in renowned international financial corporations. Currently, I am an advisor for big corporate management boards implementing integrated enterprise risk management systems (ERM). I am also a business trainer and an MBA lecturer in risk management, project management and corporate finance. I have spoken at many business conferences organized by Forbes Magazine, National Chamber of Statutory Auditors, Polish Institute of Directors, Ministry of Treasury, COFACE, PID, KIBR, Warsaw Stock Exchange, business clubs, POLRISK.

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English Risikonomics

Stratfor o Brexit-cie

Stratfor o Brexit-cie

Znany globalny thiink-tank, must read rynków finansowych pisze o Brexicie. Artyku darmowy, należy podać e-maila. https://www.stratfor.com/sample/geopolitical-diary/brexit-has-begun-now-what
słuchanie o ryzyku

Słuchanie o ryzyku i nie tylko

Słuchanie o ryzyku i nie tylko >>> Zbliża się weekend i być może co najmniej niektórzy z P.T. Czytelników Ryzykonomii będą mieli trochę czasu aby...
chińskie smoki

Chińskie smoki vs. czarne łabędzie (video)

Chińskie smoki ? Ciekawy film z znanego zapewne dla wielu Czytelników portalu TED pod frapującym tytułem: How can we predict the next financial crisis,...
risks of lean

Risks of a lean superduper

A lean management concept is based upon the elimination of everything that does not bring added value to the respective product or service from...

Ryzyko interkulturowe – mini case study

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_WAmt3cMdk ryzyko interkulturowe
speedy risk

Speedy risk management

Speedy risk management - for English readers. We are not lacking occasions to manage risks these days… in the end we live in a risk...

Megaprojects! Why do they fail?

Why do Megaprojects fail? A short but a very interesting study on causes of biggest project failures with an excellent example of Seattle tunnel...
aliens attack

The aliens attack

An alien invasion is undoubtedly a risk of a black Swan event, though with a rather lower likelihood but considerably higher consequences. Apparently this is...
terrorism risk

Terrorism risk

How can we protect ourselves against home grown terrorism ? (video source) Subscribe us with email. terrorism risk, terrorism risk, terrorism risk,